The artperformingfestival® event, conceived and organized by the curator Gianni Nappa and promoted by the marketing and communication firm GlobalStrategies Srl, after the great success of the first two editions, which took place in Naples in 2016 and 2017, this year will be on tour, with a first stop in the most representative municipalities of the artistic ferment that reigns in Salento.
Salento is the expression of Greece, with its spectacular baroque centers, with Lecce, Minervino di Lecce, Galatina, where still today lives a society linked to the values ​​of the homeland, of archaic family gatherings, of courts as identity of the family, lends itself to its immanence to the encounter between contemporary art and society, which artperformingfestival® projects from Naples, a super chaotic city, to reality of silence, of work in the houses, and then find itself in the piazza on Sunday. A dimension that will push artists to actions in the lonely streets of the villages, in search of conditions of spontaneous sharing, the rediscovery of the “sound” of the days, between cats and distant voices in the interior. A hug from the world of performance to the places of the historic passage of the Templars, the trade of the skin and the natural gateway to the Mediterranean, which also has renowned places and vacationers of great appeal. Beauty is not only in places, but above all in the soul of a people that, proud of its traditions, expresses great energies in the field of contemporary art.
A festival dedicated to experimentation and performance, which in the first two editions has seen international and national artists called to interpret the union between contemporary art and tourism in prestigious historical and architectural sites. In the belief that the trace of contemporary languages ​​is interdisciplinary, and addressed to the “world in the self” and the “self in the world”, the curatorial choice has privileged the conceptual aspect, and the search for artists, not only validated by the scene international, but above all carriers of freedom and autonomy with respect to the market and its “recycled” products. It is not the finance that makes the art of the market, it is the actuality of the languages, the empathic force of sharing, the construction of alternative routes, not only to art galleries, but above all to the unawareness of the people who will welcome messages without part conditioning.