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A festival dedicated to experimentation and performance, which in the first two 
editions has seen international and national artists called to interpret the union 
between contemporary art and tourism in prestigious historical and architectural 
sites. In the belief that the trace of contemporary languages ​​is interdisciplinary, 
and addressed to the "world in the self" and the "self in the world", the curatorial choice has privileged the conceptual aspect, and the search for artists, not only validated by the scene international, but above all carriers of freedom and autonomy with respect to the market and its "recycled" products. It is not the finance that makes the art of the market, it is the actuality of the languages, the empathic force of sharing, the construction of alternative routes, not only to art galleries, but above all to the unawareness of the people who will welcome messages without part conditioning.
The ribbon will be cut in Minervino di Lecce, at Palazzo Scarciglia, where a 
selection of visual artists and international performers will be presented, 
which the curator Gianni Nappa intended to include as emblematic of the ongoing 
experiments and as an account of the path undertaken three years ago with 
artperformingfestival ®.

In the elegant eighteenth-century house built by the Scarciglia family, 
works by Diego Dominici, Franco G. Livera, Nicca Iovinella, Renata Petti, 
Daniele Rosselli & Loris Lombardo, Alessandro Graziani, Pantaleo Musarò, 
Carmela Cosco, Massimiliano Manieri & Pablo Peron, Stefano Bonazzi 
will be exhibited .

Performance evening inauguration

NOTHING IS HOW TO APPEAR (perform / active act)

edited by Massimiliano Manieri with the participation of Simona Schirinzi

CLOACA MAXIMA (Photographic project)

edited by Massimiliano Manieri & Pablo Peron in collaboration with Silvia Persica

Organization: Gianni Nappa (curator), Ester Esposito (GlobalStrategies Srl. 
Communication), Pantaleo Musarò (artist and co-organizer), LabConcept S.r.l.

Press Office and Communication Association artperformingfestival & 
GlobalStrategies S.r.l.

LabConcept S.r.l.

Gianni Nappa (+39 347 5452737)