Palazzo Monte Manso di Scala 14 luglio 2017 Napoli

My barefoot

Park Kyeong Hwa|bio: Park Kyeong Hwa trained as a writer. After graduating from the Gim Gwang Cheol Performance Art Academy in 2012, she published her first major work ‘My Barefoot’, followed by ‘Fishbowl’ and ‘Snail’.

Thanks to her unique performative style, Park Kyeong Hwa’s work is firmly rooted in the idea of language and writing that has a sense of romance. At times she questions whether emotions can be translated into digital and virtual realities; at other times, she uses the letters from texts as objects for the expression of personal conflicts and inner tensions, linking themwith global conflicts.

Her art is concerned with discovering ways of connecting the personal with the universal, as well as an awareness of every being’s struggle for survival. So that when poetry reveals the beauty of things to us, words such as ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’ perceived not merely as concepts, but experienced as real emotions.